måndag 21 november 2011

David Guetta - Titanium (Remixes)

For those who haven't heard David Guetta's ''Titanium'' that have 26 sensational million views
And now to probably the most anticipated remix package of the year,going to be released on F*** Me I'm Famous, the Guetta's own imprint. House producers as Alesso,Gregori Klosman,Arno cost and Nicky  Romero make the package full-bodied.
Nicky Romero Remix
Starting out with Nicky Romero that went out first to public with his remix,for those who have been following Nicky Romero. Knows that Nicky is in a good relation with worlds number 1 DJ  David Guetta (according to DJ Mag) Massive Drop as always in Nicky Romero releases with his unique sounds,that explains why David Guetta.
Alesso Remix

Second out is from the Swedish youngster Alesso. Alesso newly released ''Rise your head'' That got massive hype,next out from Alesso is the remix of ''Titanium'' as very good successor.
Gregori Kloseman Remix

Gregori Kloman is probably the greatest representer for French house today. Newly Gregori gave out free  track named I Am The Law. Gregori Kloseman joins the remix party with smooth synth laden build and a growling break!
Arno Cost Remix

Fourth remix comes by no one else than Arno cost,the second French house producer in ''Titanium'' remix package. Our favorite track from Arno Cost is definitely  ''Cyan''.
Other remixes of Titanium to look for is from swede youngsters Cazette.