lördag 13 augusti 2011

BangBros! - Booty Bounce

Hej! My name is Jake Neu and I'm the creator of Choon Daily. I've recently been added to the team here at Dirty Soundwaves to share with you the newest and hottest dubstep, drumstep, and hard electro. Anytime you see a Choon Daily video, dubstep, drumstep, or hard electro track, that's me! Hope you enjoy what I bring to the table.

Enough about me, time to get to what's really important..the music. The two brothers that make up BangBros! did a tremendous job with these wobbly-acid sounds. Straight out of L.A., BangBros! resembles that of another popular duo in electro, Jack Beats. That's not a bad thing!

Go pick up this track for free!